The price of natural gas has gone up to $3.63. This happened because the U.S. Dollar became weaker, and investors started taking more risks. If there are more problems with getting natural gas, the price could go up even more, maybe to $4.


The price of natural gas went up because there are issues with the supply. In Australia, workers are planning to strike because they couldn’t agree with Chevron, a company that produces natural gas. This could reduce the supply of natural gas by about 10% worldwide. Also, there is trouble in Israel and Gaza, and Israel asked Chevron to stop its activities for safety reasons. This might affect the supply of gas to Europe.

At the same time, the U.S. Dollar is not as strong as before because people are not as worried about safety. They are watching what’s happening in Israel and Gaza, but they think that there might not be more violence. This is why the U.S. Dollar is not as strong.

Right now, natural gas is being sold for $3.55.

Some things that are affecting the price of natural gas are:

  • It might get colder in Europe in the next two weeks, which could increase the demand for gas.
  • People are worried about what’s happening in Israel and Gaza, and they think it could affect the Middle East and the supply of gas.
  • Israel has told Chevron to stop working for safety reasons, but they haven’t told Egypt to stop working in the Leviathan gas field.
  • According to a report from Goldman Sachs, the disruption in gas production in Israel might not have a big impact for now.

The price of natural gas has gone up a lot recently, and some indicators show that it might keep going up. The price might reach $4 or even higher in the future, but it also depends on what happens with the supply and demand for gas. If things don’t go well, the price could go down to $3.30, and if they go really bad, it could drop below $3 to around $2.85.